S/o to the community...

To Our UPSCALE UPTINGZ family that has been following our brand for the past year or so. We appreciate you! The social media interactions, the continous compliments on our top products, the online reviews, all of it. Our supporters gave me, Floyd Fortune the affirmation to continue to build the UPTINGZ brand. 

The UPTINGZ brand speaks to the culture, specifically young adults who are in tune with the culture and its ever evolving fashion trends. Our community prides itself on having the latest smartwear, new, and vintage fashion. Uptingz bring the culture & community together through relevant fashion. Being in the know is important when your young. Being out of the loop is negative. The UPTINGZ store acts as hub for the urban fashion community to come together and stay in the loop and on top of what's HOT. When you look good you feel good. We strive to give people that feeling. We want those individuals who are out of the loop to know where to find that feeling.

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