We couldn't be more excited about the release of our UPTINGZ "Providential hat" This hat celebrates our sophomore successful year as growing brand. More funding for our brand only creates space for greater possibilities and big things are already on the way. Let us start by saying that this is our first official UPTINGZ branded piece designed by owner Floyd Fortune himself. The Providential Hat has the UPTINGZ logo pendant in solid gold facing the front left side of the hat. The hat has a unique stitched design that sets it apart from your typical "dad hat" or a 5 layer vertically stitched baseball cap. The hat has the word PROVIDENTIAL stitched in gold on the back right side. The word "providential" meaning (super naturally occurring at a favorable time) acts as a strength symbol for this hat. This hat marks the beginning of our growth stage. Lastly, the hat comes in two colorways burgundy and Jet black.  

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